Roller blinds are the most popular style of window shading, suitable for just about anywhere in the home or office. With a range of patterns, stripes or simple plain colours, our fantastic range will create a bold statement in any room.



These are fitted into their own aluminium frame which will match your existing aperture. No screwing or drilling is required as they are secured behind the glazing bead. Available in many fabrics and colours, roller blinds are tension controlled with a bottom bar locking system. Suitable for some conservatory situations and tilt and turn windows. They provide an excellent, child-safe product.





Available in a number of different fabric options and the hardware is available in 3 different colours. They are tension controlled with a metal bottom rail. They do not require any screwing or drilling to fix into place using a simple, neat and stylish fixing system behind the glazing bead. An excellent, child safe product.





Duorol blind adds a stylish and modern look to any window. It's a double roller blind and its effect comes from shifting fabric stripes up and down past each other. When the two transparent bars line up, light gets through and when the fabric lines up, it blocks out light. Positions in between allow varying amounts of light through into your room. Supplied as standard in an aluminium cassette head box, available in 5 different colours with matching bottom rails. There are also at least 50 contemporary fabrics available. They can be operated manually or motorised and are completely child safe.


A hybrid fabric blind, Tri-Shade blinds feature soft rotating fabric vanes suspended between two sheer layers. When in the lowered position the vanes can be opened or adjusted to allow you to let in the precise amount of filtered light you desire.


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  • Variety of fabrics

  • Blackout options available

  • Wide range of colour choices

  • Contemporary prints

  • Reflective backing

  • Ideal for any room in the home

  • Practical and stylish

  • Scallops

  • Poles

  • Trims/braids

  • Cassette options available

  • Motorised