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Kingfisher Conservatory Blinds


1. Definitions – ‘Product’ covers the range of styles of blinds and other services offered.


Quotation’ is the price agreed between the customer and the company to be paid for supply and installation of the product, which includes the product and workmanship guarantee.


‘Company’ is the employees and products supplied by Kingfisher Conservatory Blinds.


‘Company signature’ is a signature of any employee of the company. Any employee can sign on behalf of the company.


2. Completion time – will be stated by the company at the time of ordering. The company will make every effort to comply with any estimated times which are given, although this is not to be regarded as a condition.


3. Compliance with the laws and regulations


3.1 The customer will indemnify the company of any claims brought by them (and legal proceedings) unless the claim arises solely from negligence of the company.


3.2 The company shall not be under any liability to the customer except under the terms and conditions of this contract.


4. Delivery – of the product is to the company, which will then deliver it to the customer at the time of installation; although in certain circumstances the product may be delivered direct to the customer.


5. Drawings – Any drawings attached to the order form are for illustration purposes only.


6. Quotation


6.1 The quotation agreed by the customer and company is written on the order form and signed by both parties. The quotation is for the supply and installation of the product.


6.2 A deposit of the agreed amount, usually 25%, is required at the time of order so the order can be processed.


6.3 The balance is paid on the date on installation.


6.4 If an installation is unable to be completed in full the balance should still be paid in full on the date of installation, except for in exceptional circumstances.


7. Methods of Payment – By cash, a building society cheque, personal cheque or Bank Transfer. Any other method of payment is at the discretion of the company.


8. Guarantees – All installations have a one or two years workmanship and manufacturers guarantee (five years in the case of shutters) for any problems or damage, except for those judged to be due to misuse of negligence; in which case the company reserves the right to reject liability.


8.1 Problems and damaged product, supplied to the customer by the company, which are out of guarantee or deemed to be due to the misuse or negligence by the customer may be fixed, amended or exchanged if possible, at the discretion of the company and at the full cost to the customer.


8.2 The company reserves the right to sell additional services and products to customers, which may have bee inclusive in the price on other occasions.


9. The Law – The contract between the customer and the company shall be governed by English Law.